I was attracted to this panel by the unusual use of colour (pink on pink!) and by the amazing graphic sound-effect. I also love the mix of textures, the wonderful interweaving of fur and metal and fabric. From this single panel, it’s not really clear in what direction things are moving, or for what purpose. It’s not even totally clear what parts belong to what body, and/or what parts are bodies. This is one of those great superhero panels that’s all about movement for movement’s sake. It’s almost purely visceral, yet never simple; the aforementioned interplay of textures makes sure of that.

For these prints, I tried to emphasize the visceral nature of the original panel by sticking to a dualistic colour scheme, making for an even-more abstract tangle of lines and shapes. I’m happy with the way the canvases turned out looking almost like optical illusions; loosing the black lines means there’s no definite landing point for the eye, so that all of the text, bodies, and costumes sort of merge together, becoming almost an icon of physicality (or something—mostly, I just really wanted an excuse to try to replicate that beautiful florescent pepto pink!).

.diceratops_side black_left_reduced

Anna with painting
Anna with painting
X-Men/Alpha Flight #2
original page: X-Men/Alpha Flight #2
Size: 24" X 24" Medium: Silkscreen and Acrylic on Canvas Featured Character(s): Colossus/Peter Rasputin and Sasquatch/Walter Langkowski Original Artist(s): Paul Smith (pencils), Bob Wiacek (inks)