I’m deeply invested in the context of this panel, because it’s the first (almost) kiss between my favourite superhero couple, the Vision and the Scarlet Witch. You can read my voluminous thoughts on their relationship elsewhere. For now, suffice to say this panel features a boundary-breaking kiss: he is an android, and she is a mutant, and there are many internal and external forces trying to keep them apart. (Superpowered romance can be very complicated.)

Aesthetically, I was attracted to this panel by the abstractness of it: the way the visceral and emotional impact comes less from identifiable facial characteristics than from shapes and planes, like the way the drooping, downward pull of Vision’s features is bisected by the sharp points and angels of Scarlet Witch’s nose, lips, and chin. The two faces enjoy equal space but a strange relationship. Who is moving toward whom, and how, and why? Scarlet Witch seems like the instigator, yet Vision’s face is practically liquefied by emotion, whereas Scarlet Witch’s face seems oddly vacant. Even divested of context, there’s a mysterious complexity to this image’s deceptively simple lines.

Making these prints, I tried to enhance the original panel’s abstractness by using simple, dramatic colour schemes. I wanted the shared colour of the lines to bind together the contrasting colours of the faces, so that the two faces, and the two halves of the canvas, would be simultaneously pulling together and apart, eternally multiplying a moment of charged potential.diceratops_side black_left_reduced

anna with painting
anna with painting
Avengers #91
original page: Avengers #91
Size: 16" X 20" Medium: Silkscreen and Acrylic on Canvas Featured Character(s): The Vision and the Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff Original Artist(s): Sal Buscema (pencils and inks)