I was mainly attracted to this panel by the dialogue. I just love the thought of this blue-skinned, two-fingered, pointy-eared devil guy oh-so-thoughtfully remarking on the strangeness of things around him. It’s a pretty common Marvel Comics-style joke, but for me, it never really gets old. I also really love the choice of words. Nightcrawler is either too bored or too self-deprecating to admit he’s had adventures; instead, he merely has a series of “bizarre experiences.” It also doesn’t hurt that the word “affair” always puts me in mind of my beloved Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Besides the dialogue, I adore the colour and texture of the original panel: the particular inky, faded brightness of the blue and the scratchy imperfections in the paper.

For these prints, I tried to emphasize the original panel’s corny humour by using a set of truly bizarre colours (including lots and lots of neon, which is much brighter in person than it is in the photos). I also tried to mimic the original’s scratchiness by distressing the wood board with a knife, sandpaper, and a few judiciously placed water drops.diceratops_side black_left_reduced

Anna with Painting
Anna with Painting
Nightcrawler #3
original page: Nightcrawler #3
Size: 10" X 10" Medium: Silkscreen and Acrylic on Wood Featured Character(s): Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner Original Artist(s): Dave Cockum (pencils)