Home-Made Comics: Star Trek, “The Comic of Kahn”

For our second comic book teamup, my sister Ellen and I engaged one our favourite targets of love and ridicule, Star Trek (TNG and TOS). Guest-starring the Mario Brothers! More ambitious than our last effort (“Spidey’s Adventure in Riverdale”), this comic has some rather impressive twists and turns. It also has a rather impressive assortment of contemporary (circa 1999) pop culture references, including Kids in the Hall and Reservoir Dogs. But probably the most impressive thing about this comic is the attention to detail in Ellen’s visual depiction of Commander Riker. Many of the poses pictured here (especially what I call the “armpit-thumb-arm-cross”) are uncannily true to life. This comic would probably be 100% perfect were it not for the fact that Ellen kept forgetting Data can’t use contractions; because my teenage self was apparently a stickler for accuracy, this resulted in a few messy corrections.


Star Trek Comic0001

Star Trek Comic0002
Star Trek Comic0003
Star Trek Comic0004
Star Trek Comic0005
Star Trek Comic0006
Star Trek Comic0007
Star Trek Comic0008

diceratops_side black_left_reduced

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