Home-Made Comics: “Spidey’s Adventure in Riverdale”

I wish I could say there was a memorable catalyst for this teamup between myself and my sister Ellen (and between Spidey and the Riverdale gang)… Maybe there was, but I honestly can’t recall. I’m not sure if it was a spur of the moment thing, or something we’d been scheming for some time. I’m not even totally sure when we made this comic, although based on the fact that my signature includes Reggie Miller’s jersey number, I’d guess it was sometime between 1998 and 2001. I would have been in highschool, and Ellen would have been in university, so it’s just possible there was some kind of nostalgic sisterly bonding in the air. At any rate, it seems like I was the instigator, since the god-awful opening panels are my handiwork. Ellen was likely so offended by my pathetic cat-scratchings that she practically demanded to take over (much to my enjoyment and relief!).

Sorry for the rough quality; the original is in pencil, and I didn’t want to risk damaging such a priceless artefact by applying pen. I’m sure you can understand, especially given the plain proof of what happens when I try to draw (or print, apparently—even my handwriting comes across as a painful struggle to communicate).


Archie Comic01
Archie Comic02
Archie Comic03
Archie Comic04
Archie Comic05


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